Our Company

A black and white photograph of a covered bridge with two men riding a wagon with hay in it being pulled by two horses.

Covered Bridge Fundraising is a family run business with roots in both Pottsville, PA and Mifflinburg, PA. We are the owners of Costas Candies located in Pottsville. Costas Candies has been in business since 1922. Over the years the focus of the business has become Co-manufacturing of health and protein specialty bars for Private Label.

We decided in 2011 to give more attention to our own brands through fundraising. By providing quality products, quality service and always keeping the end consumer in mind, we have found success.

Covered Bridge Fundraising is an effort to take a simpler approach and introduce it to today’s on-line market. We want to provide you with a better service by taking on all of the work involved in a fundraiser. The Fundraiser never handles the money or the products. The profits are sent directly to the person or organization raising funds and the products are sent directly to your customers. You are being paid for your solicitation efforts. You are being backed by real people providing real products. We are proud of our employees and the work they do.

The covered bridge is located near our family home of three generations. We have enjoyed many years of the bridge and its surroundings, so much that we decided to name our company after it.

We are grateful for the opportunity for your business and will strive to make your experience a pleasant one.